Facebook Liberation

The other day I tried to log into my Facebook account which I only used for the German Facebook page for Cocktailicious.

Suddenly I got locked out - maybe because I couldn’t remember the password. Trying to reset it, I got notified that the account is locked and that I would need to submit a legal document at least showing my address. One of the accepted documents is the last bill of my energy provider.

So I submidded it, with every information (usage, rates) Facebook has no business to know about redacted.

First they said the JPG couldn’t be opened. So I sent the same file a second time which somehow worked out. But they complained they couldn’t find an address for the business.
Sure. There is no registered business for the app and I told them that. Then they stubbornly came back to complain that I did not send them a photo ID.

Case closed. Nothing I could do.

Now, this was the German support. Maybe they’re just too far away from HQ. Maybe it’s the beloved German bureaucracy. Or maybe it’s just Facebook.

But given that they first said to accept a whole list of documents, then stupidly requiring a photo ID which first of all is illegal in Germany to make a copy of and second of all is non of their fucking business:

Facebook, if you don’t want my (potential) business extending your (potential) business, fuck you. If you already did, fuck yourself again.

I realized I’m better off not having to deal with your bullshit, your brain fuck of wanting to know it all. Pushing customers around.

Fuck you. Just go out of (your potential) business or stay there and play with yourself. Just go and bleed to death. And take your brain dead support with you.

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