If not for NanoBSD already, I almost fell in serious love with Poul-Henning Kamp.

If you’re (even remotely) annoyed by the state of security in computer technology you need to watch this. Poul obviously does not lack common sense as opposed to approximately everybody else, judging from comments on popular tech sites.

Regarding my remarks about everybody else it is especially enlightening to watch this talk from February 2014 now and hear people in the QA section complain about harassment of politicians and saying “Oh dear, you can’t call OpenSSL total crap!” after it was revealed in early April 2014 that OpenSSL, the most widely used encryption software on the Internet, is completely screwed.

Sheeple, let me say this:

If you have not understood that it is your bloody duty to harass politicians to do what they’ve got to do for you, what they won’t do on their own because they don’t know, don’t care and/or are corrupted, you rather go and fuck yourself!
This is not only me ranting. I said it, I meant it, I’m here to represent it.

And expanding on Poul’s challenge to use your pencil when voting let me assure you: You won’t change a fucking thing voting left or right. This is not about Coke or Pepsi, McDonald’s or Burger King. You have to vote forward and not let yourself be sucked into this false left-right-paradigm.

Wake the fuck up, sheep!

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