Half a century ago, today, what happened? Huh? Right. Kennedy was shot. I’m not the let’s-be-silent-for-a-minute kind. Rather, I like pushing sheep around.

Oswald, as we know now, wasn’t the lone gunman like these Warren Commission thugs want you to believe. (Even both the HSCA and ARRB do not buy the crap.)
In fact, Lee and Harvey might have been two different persons. Or was his name really Alek D. Hidell?

»Bloody nut! They found the gun!« you say. You’re referring to that italian 6.5mm bolt action rifle of which the Italian say “the most humanitarian gun” because it was so inaccurate? Wait, you mean the german 7.65mm Mauser they’ve sworn to have found

Forgive me, too many links for sheep already.
Watch this, then. Roger Craig then suddenly died from a rifle wound after spilling the beans.
Keep calm, suicide. Just like all the other deaths after JFK’s murder have all been coincidence.
DO NOT look into this matter!

Move along! Read the genius reporting the Washington Post puts out. Better yet, the treasonous hail that’s being committed in Dallas this year - limitting free speech before the fact.

Enough for now. Don’t want to overload the little brain.
But before going back to watch Youtube’s most popular consider this.

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